Gambero Rosso - June 2012 Issue
The June issue of Gambero Rosso talks also about us! For a small reality like ours, the satisfaction for being so near to the top of this very special table, outclassing several legends of Parma ham, is great.
We would like to thank all the people that, with their hard work, allow us to manufacture every day a high quality product, combining tradition and modernity.

What they say about us: "Prosciutto Gran Riserva is the result of an accurate selection of the best legs, chosen amongst the biggest and the most luscious, seasoned from 18 to 24 months. The slice is beaming, with the lean part of a dark, ripe red, a generous pattern and a thick later of fat, nearly white. […] Fresh but complex scents, evolved and lasting, with notes of nuts, in particular hazelnut and chestnut, and soft, sweet, sophisticated tones, that remind of white flowers (iris and orange blossom). The taste is also subtle and clean, with a good balance between fat and lean, as for sweetness and flavour. […] Pleasant consistency, great solubility. Very pleasant and original."