Why the butterfly?

The logo referes to a particularly beautiful butterfly that would lay its wings only on the most parfumed "myosotis flowers"
At the same way our butterfly brand outstands on our very best.

...once upon a time,


At the end of World War II, the country was looking foward to reconstruct itself and was in search of a constitutional identity. Were years of redemption, of stubborn ambition to improve social conditions and welfare.
Langhirano was living this important change on behalf che courageous initiative of a few pioneers that aimed the conquest of welfare through work, productivity, an authentic progress identity: among these few business men Albino Ghirardi began to build his reputation. In 1948, on the flow of increasing needs, he began the business of processing and curing ham, renewing and adapting a modest property in Via Toschi in Langhirano. "Produced and cured in Langhirano" : a seal that guaranteed inimitable uniqueness. Notoriety spread in a few years and Albino Ghirardi gave competence and commitment, creating a new factory in 1951, starting his production in Langhirano Via Roma 2. Industriousness and territory promotion were the impulses in the new company, which was formed following the entry of his wife Lina Ghirardi and brother in law Giovanni Rotelli.
The needs of the consumers began to change and with a commendable intuition, Giovanni Rotelli had himself made by a local craftsman a mould to produce deboned pressed raw ham. Appreciated by the customers, the new product began to make it's way in many markets through Italy, overeaching the boundaries : France, Germany, England, to the far east and the USA. That was how Ghirardi became the first company to export Parma ham to the USA. The expanding market saw the making of another factory which was launched in production in 1972 (near the previous one in Via Roma). Reached ritirement age, mr. Rotelli Giovanni left his place to Albinos' son and daughter, Claudio and Ornella. After a few years Claudio Ghirardi came in contact with Alberto Galloni (member of a well known family di of raw ham makers) and in 2007 gave birth to a new company: Ghirardi Prosciutti S.r.l., combining together both their knowledge and skills.